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Bar Runners and Beer Mats

Personalise your very own washable, re-usable, rubber drink mats....

Any design of your choice, any colour of your choice.

They serve a dual purpose - great for advertising but also catching those drips and spills!

  • Re-usable
  • Non slip
  • Non Tear
  • Easily cleaned in a glass washer
  • Very high and low temperature resistance
  • Weatherproof​ 
  • Made from durable rubber - built to last

A One-off design fee applies to some of the products below  - this includes the 3D design and mould making.

Please get in touch via our contact page so we can discuss your requirements and provide you with a quote.

Discounts available for larger quantities

Round Custom Beer Mat

You can have any logo of your choice in any colour.

Typical price per mat is £2.80 upwards. 

One-off Design fee for this mat can typically be between £50 upwards depending on complexity of logo/design).

Universal Bar Runner

These Universal Bar Runners have been designed to be used in conjunction with the 'Round Custom Beer mats'. The dimensions  are 380 mm Length x 180 mm Width, 7 mm Height

Price per mat is £13.50 (Please note there is no design fee for this product)


Integrated Bar Runner

These custom bar runners are designed and made with your logo/design integrated into the bar runner.

The dimensions are 380 mm Length x 180 mm Width, 7 mm Height

Typical price per mat is £17 upwards depending on complexity.

One-off Design fee for this mat can typically be £70 upwards (depending on complexity of the logo/design).

Bar Runners and Beer Mats